• ACI 2000, Avenue du Mali, Rue 341 en face du Haut Conseil National de Lutte contre le Sida . BKO - MALI
  • +223 66 75 94 45
  • ACI 2000, Avenue du Mali, Rue 341 en face du Haut Conseil National de Lutte contre le Sida . BKO - MALI
  • +223 66 75 94 45

Our Mission

Female Leadership Program

The Women's Leadership Program for Inclusive Security Governance in the Sahel: Strengthening the voice of women in civil society in matters of security through the establishment of a pool of female expertise in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso.

The PLF facilitates the increased involvement of women from civil society in the governance of the security sector, through the establishment of a pool of security experts; thanks to which the policies and practices adopted by security institutions will be more effective, responsive and better suited to the real security needs of the entire population, including those of girls and women.

The Women's Leadership Program is positioned at the intersection of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 5 and 16.

SDG 5 : Gender equality

Target 5.1 End all forms of discrimination against women and girls worldwide.


Target 5.5. 5.5 Guarantee the full and effective participation of women and their equal access to leadership positions at all levels of decision-making, in political, economic and public life



SDG 16 : Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions

Target 16.3 Promote the rule of law at national and international levels and give everyone equal access to justice.

Target 16.6 Establish effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels.

Target 16.7 Ensure that dynamism, openness, participation and representation at all levels characterize decision-making

SDG 17: Partnerships for the achievement of objectives

Target 17.16 Strengthen the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, combined with multi-stakeholder partnerships to mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technologies and financial resources to help all countries, especially developing countries , to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals


Target 17.17 Encourage and promote public partnerships, public-private partnerships and partnerships with civil society, building on the experience acquired and the financing strategies applied in this area

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